Professor: [Laughing] Ah Projaq, you're a gift of former mad scientists everywhere; with your help I'll use my inventions for good, right boys?

[Lightning strikes Robot Number Five]

Robot: I live! This is awesome!

[walks downtown]

Robot: I'm alive, I'm alive!

[Townspeople scream in terror]

Robot: Ahaha, yeah; ooh, sparkly!

[Breaks glass of jewelry store]

Robot: Aw, being alive holds such amazing wonders!
Police Men: Freeze, uh hands a-above your head sir!
Robot: I love you all!

[Police shoot at Robot]

Robot: I want to play too!

[Shoots machine gun through his stomach]

Robot: What a great game; I win!

[Dog barks at Robot]

Robot: Look at you.

[Grabs the dog with a harsh grip on dog killing and bleeding the dog]

Robot: I haven't seen anything so adorable in all my twenty minutes of life; come here you!
Professor: Well boys I hope you...oh my god!

[Robot sleeps on ground with dog in hand]

Police Men: Freeze copkiller!
Professor: What, no!
Police Men: There'd better be a reason!

[Police start shooting]

Professor: [Struggling to stay up in gunfire] Aah no!
Announcer: Vanax, get your smile back; but without the desire to build giant robots.