[The scene is set in a sepia tone, like the original Popeye cartoons. Popeye steps into the room.]

POPEYE: Well, blow me down! What's everybody doing in me living room?

[Camera moves to Olive Oyl and Poopdeck Pappy, both looking at Popeye.]

OLIVE OYL: Oh, Popeye! It's the spinach! We think you're addicted!

POOPDECK PAPPY: Those forearms are grotesque, son! It ain't natural!

POPEYE: Me spinach? Ag-ug-ug-ug-ug-ug! It's spinach!

[Popeye displays a can of spinach. Suddenly, Wimpy slams the door shut behind him.]

OLIVE: Then hand it over!

POPEYE: What?! [Wimpy attempts to grab Popeye's can of spinach, but Popeye moves at the last second. Olive comes in from the other side, but Popeye moves away from her as well, mumbling and grumbling in his typical fashion. Wimpy comes up again, this time grabbing Popeye from behind, as both Olive and Pappy attempt to take the can away.] Yer outta yer cotton-pickin' minds! Ya can't take me spinach!

[Popeye pops the top pff of the can, and shoots the spinach into his mouth. Steam flies out of his ears and he pushes everyone away. Biceps and bolts of lightning appear and disappear from the thin part of his arms. He attacks Wimpy like a punching bag, landing a final punch to the head with a comical ringing sound and knocking him out. Olive Oyl starts crying as Pappy comes up from behind Popeye and grabs him to keep him from attacking.]

PAPPY: Popeye, me boy! Fight it! Fight it!

POPEYE: I can't! [Sobs] I can't! Oh, no...[he mutters something unintelligible and continues crying, as the iris closes on the two of them]

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