NARRATOR: Previously on Robot Chicken...

{Seth Green stands on a set not unlike You Can't Do That on Television!}

SETH GREEN: Please welcome our special guest tonight, Vice President of Adult Swim, Keith Crofford.

{The scene fades to Seth and Keith sitting on the orange couches.}

KEITH CROFFORD: I just wanted to say that y'all are doing a really good job on Robot Chicken.

SETH GREEN: That's great. So, when are we getting renewed for another season?

KEITH CROFFORD: Uh... I don't know.

{He is showered with green slime. The studio audience laughs. Crofford stands up, wiping slime from his eyes.}

KEITH CROFFORD: Ha ha ha ha. You're cancelled.

{Cut to the trial before the Adult Swim Governing Council. Seth Green, the Robot Chicken and the Mad Scientist are trapped by rotating rings. Mike Lazzo appears before them in a spotlight.}

MIKE LAZZO: Hi y'all, I'm Adult Swim President Mike Lazzo. The decision of the Council is now fixin' to be heard.

{He gestures to the Council as they deliver their judgement.}



MASTER SHAKE: [giggling] You're so freakin' guilty!

{Seth, the Chicken and the Scientist are banished to the Phantom Zone from Superman: The Movie and Superman II. The Chicken is holding a sign reading "HOLY *@$#ING ASSCRACKERS!" Seth screams as the Phantom Zone plane spins through space. The Mad Scientist stands silently while looking very nervous. A flying saucer hits the plane, smashing it into shards and releasing the captives.}

{Two aliens stand on board the flying saucer. Michael Jackson is frozen in carbonite behind them.}

ALIEN 1: I think we hit something!

ALIEN 2: Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

{Back on the set of You Can't Do That on Robot Chicken, Seth Green lands on the couch. Keith Crofford is waiting.}

KEITH CROFFORD: Hey Seth, what happened to you?

SETH GREEN: I... don't know.

{Seth is showered in green slime. Keith Crofford laughs.}

KEITH CROFFORD: Ha ha ha! You're renewed.

{Seth grins.}

{Meanwhile, the Mad Scientist smashes through the roof of his spooky castle. The Chicken lands on the road outside, his robot appendages falling off as he hits the road. The Mad Scientist picks up the Chicken from the road, and the normal title sequence begins.}

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