Murky: If only we had Rainbow Brite's magic Star Sprinkles, we'd turn the whole world gray!

Bartender: Guys! Every night with this! What's so great about turning the world gray, anyway?

Lurky: It's really more of a metaphor.

Bartender: I mean, if you want to do something evil, arson is pretty evil.

Murky: Look, du-- shut up!

Lurky: I say we break into Rainbow Brite's place and take all the Star Sprinkles we want.

(They decide to enter the place during the night. They start searching the place.)

Murky: None here. What's under the sink?

Lurky: Tampons.

(They hear the door opening.)

Murky: Oh, game over, man! Game over! Rainbow Brite's gonna kick our asses if she finds us in here!

(They quickly dash behind the couch as Rainbow Brite enters.)

Rainbow Brite: Um, good god! What a day!

(Rainbow Brite kicks her shoes off, looks at the mail, then lifts up her skirt and farts pixie dust.)

Rainbow Brite: Nnnn...(farts) Oh, damn, I was holding that in for hours!

(Rainbow Brite puts ice in a glass, and is about to pour liquor into it, but decides to drink straight from the bottle. She then sits on the couch and turns on the TV.)

TV: I'm Rick James, bitch.

Rainbow Brite: (laughs) Black people are so much funnier than white people.

(She picks rainbow-colored boogers out of her nose and puts them on the back of the couch. Murky and Lurky cringe away from them.)

Rainbow Brite: Damn, I am effing starving!

(She opens the freezer to reveal a bunch of sprites stuffed in freezer bags. She puts one of them in the microwave.)

(Murky and Lurky try to sneak out, but Lurky stumbles over a stack of magazines.)

Rainbow Brite: Intruders!

Murky: Let's get the **** outta here, man!

(They try to run away, but they are stopped dead in their tracks. Rainbow Brite whisks out a chainsaw and has the Pits mutilated beyond what anyone can comprehend.)

(Blood splatters the couch, the TV, and the magazines. It can also be seen dripping down the screen.)

Murky: (screams in pain) You're a bitch! There! My last dying words, man!

(The next day, Rainbow Brite is seen on the balcony, reading a note. The Color Kids and a bunch of sprites have gathered here as well.)

Rainbow Brite: (reading) Dear citizens of Rainbowland. We have changed our ways, and are moving to Tibet to help battle Chinese tyrannies. Signed, Murky and Lurky.

Buddy Blue: I knew those guys weren't so bad.

(A sprite is wondering about something.)

Sprite: Um, has anyone seen my cousin Blinky? He hasn't been around lately.

Rainbow Brite: Oh! (reading) P.S. Blinky came with us.

(The Color Kids and sprites all look at one another. Rainbow Brite winks at the screen.)

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