(A rating comes up. Then, we see Yogi and Boo-Boo in Jellystone spotting a picnic lunch completely deserted.)

Yogi: Hey, hey, hey! A pic-i-nic basket!

Boo-Boo: It's pronounced "Picnic", Yogi. "Picnic"!

(All of a sudden, a hunter pops out)

Hunter: Hey! My lunch!

(The hunter is about to shoot Yogi but Yogi tries to pull the gun away accidentily killing the hunter in the process no blood)

Boo-Boo: Oh, we gotta run, Yogi!

(Yogi and Boo-Boo run for their lives with 2 police officers right behind them)

(A sheriff looks at a map of Jellystone with Ranger Smith right next to him)

Ranger Smith: You'll never catch him. He's smarter than the average bear.

(A cop searches for Yogi not knowing he's behind him and Yogi grabs him from behind)

Yogi: Surprise!

(Yogi knocks the cop. Yogi makes a run for it but is shot by the sheriff.)

Boo-Boo: Noooo! Yogi!

(In a fiery rage, Boo-Boo wearing a bandana and a chest of bullets grabs two guns and starts shooting like crazy)

{Caption: RAM-BOO-BOO) (back in the theatre the kids are talking)

Kid: Shhhh! I'm trying to watch these trailers y'all! (moments silence) I just playin'. You go trailers! (hollers)

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