Guys: Let's go, nerds!

[Lewis Skolnick, Gilbert Lowell, Dudley "Booger" Dawson, Lamar Latrell, and Toshiro Takashi are watching a video of a woman undressing herself. They hi-five one another while Lewis Skolnick laughs.]

[At the football field, a few football players are kneeling in pain while covering their genitals.]

The Ogre: Oh man! Someone put Liquid Heat in our jockstraps!

Stan Gable: Oh, it burns!

[The nerds are near the bleachers laughing at the football players who are writhing in pain.]

[On the next scene, Lewis Skolnick mounts on Betty Childs while wearing a Darth Vader costume.]

Guys: Let's go, nerds!

Betty Childs: Wow, Stan. You were wonderful.

[Lewis takes off the Darth Vader mask to reveal himself and laughs.]

Betty Childs: *Gasp* You're that nerd!

[Cut to the courtroom with the judge and the nerds. The judge bangs his gavel three times.]

Judge: Gentlemen, you have been convicted of illegal surveillance, invasion of privacy, multiple counts of assault, identity theft, and rape. You are each ordered to serve not less than 44 years in maximum security prison!

[The judge bangs his gavel. Lewis starts to laugh, but Booger slaps him in the back of the head.]

Lewis Skolnick: Ow!

[Cut to the prison yard with the nervous nerds in the corner.]

Inmate #1: Neeeeeeerrrrrrrds!

Gilbert Lowe: Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?

Lamar Latrell: That this is the best day of my entire life?

Gilbert Lowe: No! We've got to reach out to them.

[In the prison classroom]

Gilbert Lowe: And that's how chemistry works. See, it really isn't so hard.

Inmate #2: Yo, sorry for calling you a nerd. Changed my life, dog!

Inmate #3: Learning is fun! I love learning!

Gilbert Lowe: I reached them. [Cut back to reality in the prison yard]. I reached them.

[One of the inmates repeatedlyy slams Gilbert's head against the wall. Another inmate beats Lamar with a dumbbell and a third inmate grabs Lewis by the head. The fourth inmate punches Booger and then punts him into the air. Lewis starts to laugh until the inmate grappling him decapitates him. The sketch ends.]