Reverse Flash: So long, Flash! You'll have to pick up the pace if you want to catch Reverse Flash! [He dashes away.]
Flash: Ugh, again with Reverse Flash! He looks just like me, but with the exact opposite color scheme? Brilliant!
Superman: At least he wears a mask. Bizzaro Superman looks just like me, but with a face like somebody threw up in an ice tray. Seriously, looks like someone shit out Kryptonite, and then put it on someone's face again.
Wonder Woman: Have you ever seen Negative Wonder Woman?
Negative Wonder Woman: (wearing a mask, sleeves, and stockings, showing her breasts and pubes) Hey, Wonder Woman, f**k you! Now where did I leave my visible jet? Oh, look, there it is. Easy to find! [She skips away.]
Wonder Woman: Don't grab her or anything.
Superman: I'd grab her.
Flash: Yeah, till she couldn't walk. Booyah!
[Wonder Woman grunts in annoyance and runs off.]

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