Daniel 'Gyro Robo': Hello Robot Chicken. I viewed your recent Gobots sketch with a total lack of mirth and an abundance of extreme displeasure. The following is my annotated version of your worthless attempt at humor. Watch and learn jerks!

[Scooter runs into the bathroom with a nudie magazine and some lotion]

Daniel 'Gyro Robo': First of all, Gobots do not live in houses. Second of all, Gobots do not masturbate if that is indeed what you are implying.

Leader-1: Scooter?

Scooter: Don't come in.

Leader-1: What are you doing in there?

Scooter: Don't come in, don't come in--! [paused]

Daniel 'Gyro Robo': [sighing] This is not a hilarious circumstance. It is both painful and traumatic as anyone who has lived through it will tell you.

Turbo: So... let me get this straight - you're a helicopter and your name is Cop-Tur?

Cop-Tur: Yes.

Turbo: Lame.

Daniel 'Gyro Robo': Turbo is a good Gobot and Cop-Tur is a renegade Gobot. They would not be conversing as such. Also Cop-Tur is only his lame American name. When the character was originated in Japan in 1981, Cop-Tur's name was Gyro Robo. I have taken the liberty of redubbing* this scene.

Turbo*: So I hear your name is Gyro Robo?

Cop-Tur*: Correct.

Turbo*: That is very not lame.

[Cy-Kill turns into a girl's bicycle]

Daniel 'Gyro Robo': I won't even dignify this scene with my analysis. Robot Chicken has screwed the proverbial pooch while attempting to skewer the vast and magnificent world of the Gobots. Please go to hell!

Mother: Daniel? Come get your supper, honey.

Daniel 'Gyro Robo': Mom, I told my name is Gyro Robo!

Mother: Oh sorry, Gyro Robo.

Daniel 'Gyro Robo': Yes, that's more like it.

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