Bone-Chilling Villain: Gahahahaaaa! Sorry little girl, but Queen Beryl needs your life force to take over the planet earth! Gahahahaaaa!
Luna: Serena, change into Sailor Moon Quickly!
Serena: Right! Moon Prism Power! *Sigh*
[Transforms into Sailor Moon]
Sailor Moon: In the name of the moon, I will punish... Oh my god!!!
Bone-Chilling Villain: Hahahaaaa!!! HMMMM!
Luna: [Covers her eyes]
Bone-Chilling Villain: (whispers) What? What is it? OH MAN!!
[Picks the lid and closes into the penis]
Bone-Chilling Villain: AUGH UH! I-I-I-I don't know why how that happen!
Sailor Moon: Well... Geez!
Bone-Chilling Villain: I'm so sorry! That is so disrespectful of me! You are pretty hot though.
Sailor Moon: Should... should we still fight, because I don't really want to anymore.
Bone-Chilling Villain: A-A-AWW! You know, the moment's definitely passed!
Sailor Moon: Alright! S-See you next time man...
Bone-Chilling Villain: Nah! Sure! Okay! Um-Um- Another time!

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