Announcer (Mike Lazzo): Previously on Robot Chicken, y'all.

[Recap of the Robot Chicken Telethon. Cut to graveyard. Camera scrolls past character tombstones, stops at Seth Green's. Zombie hand pushes from dirt. Cut to adult swim office.]

Mike Lazzo: Ratings are through the roof, bitches! We're fixing to renew, y'all.

Matthew: That's what the f**k I'm talking about!

Keith Crofford: [turns to face camera] But at what cost?

Mike: You say something, Keith?

Keith: No, no I didn't say anything.

[Zombie Seth smashes through window and starts to eat Keith's brains in a curtain close]

Seth Green Zombie: Arrrrggghhh!!!!!!

Mike: Gravy corn bread!

Matthew: Holy f**kin' ass-crackers!

[Mike and Matthew run towards the elevator, zombies chasing]

Mike: Oh, f**k!

Matthew: [repeatedly pushing the elevator button] Come on, commmeee onnnnn...

Seth Green Zombie: Arrrrggghhh!!!!!!

Zombies: Braaaiinnns!!!

Mike: Dang it, what do we do now?

Matthew: I've got an idea. [pushes Mike into the zombies]

Mike: Aah, you rattlesnake! Aah, oh!

Zombies: Braaaiinnns!!!

Matthew: [jumps in elevator] Yes!

[Matthew exits elevator, approaches exit and tries to unlock the door.]

Matthew: No!

[Cut to zombies in elevator. Cut back to Matthew.]

Matthew: No!!!

[Zombies exit elevator. Matthew picks up cell phone, holding upside down; cell reads "WOW"]

Matthew: Wow! Oh wait.

[Matthew flips phone right side up; cell reads "MOM"]

Matthew: Oh, it's just Mom.

[Zombies begin dancing to cell phone ringtone. Ringtone ends.]

Matthew: No!!!!

[Zombies stop dancing, begin advancing towards Matthew]

Zombies: Braaaiinnns!!!

Matthew: L-l-look at the new contract! We get health benefits! Oh no God, please don't eat my brains!

[Zombies look at the contract and chat amongst themselves. Cut to writer's room.]

Mike Fasolo: (sighs) Smells like wet garbage in here.

Matthew: Yo, why do you guys want for lunch today?

Seth Green Zombie: Brains!

Doug Goldstein Zombie: Brains!

Mike Fasolo: Subway!

Tom Root Zombie: Brains.

Matthew: Brains, it is.

Mike Fasolo: Oh, I hate brains.

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