[Bumblelion, Eleroo, and Butterbear are seen standing in some grasslands.]

Bumblelion: I love being a Wuzzle, where we get to be two animals at once! Take me; I'm a bumblebee and a lion!

Eleroo: Well, I'm an elephant and a kangaroo.

Butterbear: You know what grosses me out, Bumblelion? How your parents got together!

[We fade to a real lion and a real bumblebee, which stings the lion on his backside.]

Lion (yelling in pain): What the hell?! You think you can just sting me, you little bumblebee? (holds the bumblebee, squints to see it, and calms down) Wow, you're a cute little bumblebee. Hello, cutie, and come here.

[The lion turns around to have sex with the bumblebee, and some jazz music plays in the background.]

Lion: Oh, yeah, ouch! Oh, ow! Sting me in the hole! Ow, sting me in the hole! Ouch, sting me in the hole! Ouch!

[We cut back to the three Wuzzles.]

Bumblelion (groans in disgust): I don't want to think about that anymore. What about you, Eleroo?

[We fade to a real kangaroo and a real elephant that are about to have sex.]

Elephant: Okay, this might hurt a little.

[In a sex position, the elephant trumpets and crushes the kangaroo, making her scream (the jazz music also plays again). After that, we return to the Wuzzles.]

Eleroo (holds his head in shock): Ooh! How about you, Donkeyhuman?

[The camera moves to the right to reveal Donkeyhuman.]

Donkeyhuman (brays): As far as I know...

[The jazz music starts once more, but before we can fade to Donkeyhuman's imagination, the other three Wuzzles interrupt him.]

Other Wuzzles (all speaking at once): [Bumblelion] Actually, I don't want to know. [Eleroo] Yeah, I'm not interested. [Butterbear] No, no, no, I mean it. I'm good. I'm good.

[We end with static as always.]

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