Red Marshal: First effusion, CHAAAARGE!!!

Red General: General!

Blue Major: Major! No outranked.

(General shoots him)

Red Captain: Captain!

Blue Colonel: Colonel!

Red Captain: Aww!

Blue Colonel: Ha Ha Ha!

(Colonel shoots him)

Red Sergeant: Sergeant!

Blue Sergeant: Sergeant!

Red Sergeant: DAMMIT!

Blue Sergeant: Oh, come on!!

(They both shoot themselves)

Blue Major: Ha ha! Major! Die!

Red Scout: But please... I-I-I'm just a scout.

(A bomb kills the Major)

Blue Captain: Captain!

(Another bomb kills the Captain)

Blue General: Surely one bomb can't detonate three gener- (bomb explodes) AAAAAA!!!

Red Marshall: Victory will be ours- Huh?!

(Blue Scout picks up flag)

Blue Scout: Hey guys, I got it. I got their flag, we win!!

Red Marshall: What?! You don't win, we're creaming you guys!

Blue Scout: I got their flag! That means we win!

Kid 1: That's total crap! I used a way better strategy!

Kid 2: But I used a better...Stratego!

(Kid 2 winks)

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