[We see Cobra Commander, Mumm-Ra, Skeletor, and Lex Luthor, together in a car, stuck in traffic]
Cobra Commander: Don't let this car in! [The car goes in front of them] Wha..what..what are you doing?
Skeletor: I have to, it's common courtesy!
Lex Luthor: This traffic is ridiculous. I knew I should've taken my teleporter to work today! I have a teleporter you know, I invented it myself.
Mumm-Ra: Blah blah blee blah! And yet every day you carpool with us!
Cobra: UGH! We're in the slowest lane! UGH! This minivan front of us is killing me! [Looks at the minivan, the bumper sticker reads MY CHILD IS AN HONOR STUDENT AT FANCHER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL] Oooh, "An honor student at the Fancher Elementary School, [He pulls out a tape recorder] Note to self: Blow up Fancher Elementary School!
[Later, they are still in traffic]
Cobra: Uhh!!
[Lex looks out the window, he sees two kids making faces at them, he makes a face back, they do one back, he does another one, they duck out of sight, Lex chuckles triumphantly, the kids pop back up, they put up a sign that reads YOU SMELL, Lex growls and fires his gun, blowing out their tires]
Mumm-Ra: You missed the kids.
[Later, they are still in traffic]
Skeletor: That was a good one, [Sighs]
Lex Luthor: What was a good... Oh!! [He covers his nose, the others do so and gag as Skeletor cackles]
[Mumm-Ra tries to unlock the window]
Mumm-Ra: Unlock the window!
Skeletor: Behold the gaseous stench of Skeletor's breakfast burrito! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Cobra: Oh Crap! [In the car next to them are their respective heroes, He-Man, Superman, Lion-O, and Flint]
Skeletor: Okay! Okay! Don't look at them! Just act casual!
[The heroes mockingly taunt the villains]
Cobra: This is exit 32, merge over!
Skeletor: I'm signaling, but they won't let me in!!!
Cobra: It's common courtesy!!
[Later, they arrive at a parking lot]
Mumm-Ra: OH! We are so late, man!
Cobra: Oh! Oh! There's a spot!
[They go to pull in, but the heroes quickly pull in before they do]
Lex Luthor: Oh, to hell with this! I'm teleporting! [he pushes his teleporter and vanishes]
Skeletor: Wow! He really did have a teleporter!
[Lex ends up teleported into the car of the kids he was making faces at earlier]
Lex Luthor: What the?
[Later, in the car]
Kids: Baldy! Baldy!
Lex Luthor: Son of a bitch.
(Sketch ends)

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