(Sarah Connor comes in with Cameron, the Terminator while her son, John is playing a video game.)

Sarah: John, this is Cameron, your new Terminator.

(John immediately stops what he's doing.)

John: WOW!

(As Sarah is speaking, John looks at Cameron with lust. He looks her up and down.)

Sarah: She'll follow your commands, defend you from danger, and never, ever quit.

(John salutes to his mother while he's speaking, and looks at Cameron again.)

John: Understood, mom. I'll take her on a test run to determine her full capabilities.

(Cameron is now seen looking at naked teenage girls in a shower room. She stops.)

Cameron: Video memory: full.

Girl #1: What did you say?

(We now see the naked girl through Cameron's eyes, as she chooses which lie/excuse to say. It says "I'm recording nudity for John", "Fuck off, asshole", "I said yo' mama's a whore", "Serenity on DVD makes a perfect stocking stuffer", "Mekka-lekka hi, mekka hinie ho!", and "My vagina's bleeding." Now, back to our perspective.)

Cameron: I vagina's bleeding.

Girl #1: (freaked out): Oh....

(Now, we see Cameron, holding books, and John walking outside. A bully and his friends are also present.)

Bully: Oh, look everybody! Here comes Cry-Baby Johninee! You want another wedgie, Cry-Baby? Won't ya cry it off?

(Bully makes annoying baby sounds. Cameron drops her books and grabs the Bully's face. She rips off his face! The bully screams and his friends run away. John touches suggestively.)

John: You're so hot.

(Now, we are back at home, where Sarah is seen handling her gun while humming. John and Cameron come to his room door.)

John: One last system to check out, mom!

(They enter John's room. Sarah puts the front of her gun in her eye checking for something. Now, we hear a zipper then faint humping and grunting sounds - John is having sex with Cameron. Sarah notices this, and drops her gun in shock.)

John: Yeah! Mmmm...YEAH! OH! It feels just like a real girl! SAY IT! Say it!

Cameron: Cum (come) with me, if you want to live!

(The sex then becomes louder and faster as John yells in orgasmic pleasure.)

John: AH! Yes! YES! OH!

(As John is climaxing, Sarah puts her hand in her face to shake her head in embarrassment.)

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