Title is displayed - m. night shylamalan's THE TWIST
[M. Night walks outside his front door, and yawns. zoom out to show his house is on the moon]
M. Night: What a twist!
[Three aliens appear, aproaching the house, M. Night dashes inside his house, and hammers boards to his door]
M. Night's wife: M. Night! In the pantry!
[In the pantry, an alien reaches his hand under the pantry door, M. Night uses a knife to cut the alien's fingers off]
Alien 1: Dude! Oh my God! I just wanted to borrow a cup of sugar!
M. Night: What a twist!
[Cut to living room]
Alien 2: We needed that sugar because we're baking a cake for a fancy party!
Alien 1: And you're all invited, Shamababa family!
M. Night: Mmm, delightful! Just let me change into my good suit.
M Night's wife: Oh, honey, you're good suit is at the cleaners.
M. Night: What a twist!
[Cut to outside, everyone is around a picnic table]
Alien 2: Shamamalaylian family, meet our chef.
Alien 3: I can't wait to serve you!
M. Night: Serve us? You mean, serve us as the main course, as in eat us?!
[Awkward silence]
Alien 2: Let's dance!
[Aliens start to dance]
M. Night: What a twist!
[Everyone joins in dancing]

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