[In the land of Oz, Dorothy is departing wth the help of her ruby slippers]

DOROTHY: There's no place like home, there's no place like home...

[She disappears as the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion bid her farewell: the Wizard appears]

WIZARD: Is that Kansas skank gone? Sweet! Back to business as usual.

LION: But why?

WIZARD: Ooh, remember when I said I was a very bad wizard? Well, case in point. Ha!

[Shoves his hand into Scarecrow's forehead, removes his brain]

WIZARD: I'll just take that brain back!

[The Wizard's men push Tin Man into a trash compactor, which compacts him into a cube; his heart pops out, and the Wizard begins to eat it]

LION: B-b-but my courage, i-it's more of a concept, really.

[You later see the Lion as a taxedermy rug in the Wizard's parlor, with the Tin Cube being used as an ottoman and the Scarecrow's body re-stitched as a wall decoration]

WIZARD: *sigh* Yep. It's good to be the Wizard.

GUARD: Sir, Glinda the good witch is here.

WIZARD: Ah, bring me my rape shoes.

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