[A costumed character known as "The Mockingbird" is sitting bound to a chair, and gets punched in the face]

[Another character in a bird-like costume is revealed to be interrogating the Mockingbird]

Finch: Ready to talk, Mockingbird?

[Mockingbird spits out some blood]

Mockingbird: (mocking) "Ready to talk, Mockingbird?"

Finch: Aah! I should've seen that coming! Scout, see if the coast is clear!

[A bird-costumed character wearing goggles and a speaker-phone searches, then turns toward Finch]

Scout: Coast is clear, Finch.

Finch: Good. 'Cause I'm about to kill a Mockingbird!

[Mockingbird clicks a button on a detonation device, which breaks his bindings]

[He then kicks Finch in the crotch, then whacks him with the chair, and kicks him a few times more]

Scout: Jem! Jem! Use your gemstones!

[A character in a red bird costume shows up]

[Jem fires beams from the gemstones on his wings, effectively killing Mockingbird before he can get away]

Scout, Finch, and Jem: Yeah!

[The group celebrates, then cut to a classroom]

[It's revealed that this was all part of a report]

Student: And... that's my book report on "How to Kill a Mockingbird" by Lee... Harper... Oswald or whoever...

Teacher: Couldn't even spring for the Cliffs Notes, huh?

[The teacher whacks the student upside the head]

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