(The Tooth Fairy is flying outside and a sweet song is playing. The Tooth Fairy arrives at a house and gives a boy a quarter for his teeth and strokes his face. The boy wakes due to his mom and talking talking)

Mom: What the hell have you been?

Dad: Its none of your business!

Mom: None of my business?!? It isn't my business that you come home every night at 2 am?

(The parents continue to fight)

Child: Are you really a Tooth Fairy?

Tooth Fairy: Uh.. Yeah..

Dad: Damn right it isn't.

Mom: Maybe you'd rather be with your whore.

Dad: Don't you DARE call her that!

Mom: You admit it! You unbelievable bastard!

Dad: That is IT! (sound of the mom getting hit while the child and Tooth Fairy look shocked.)

Dad: I'm gonna shut you up once and for all. (mom gets hit a couple more times)

Mom: You put that down!

Dad: You get your hands off me!GET OFF!

(A gun shot is heard)

Tooth Fairy: Shhh

(The Tooth Fairy walks out of the boy's room, to confront the arguing parents outside)

Father: Who the hell are you? (The Tooth Fairy is fighting with the Father. A gun is heard again.The Tooth Fairy comes in to the boy again with blood on her clothes)

Tooth Fairy: You be good now

(Alternative ending):

(A gunshot is heard and the sound of someone hitting the ground dead is heard. The father opens the door with a bloody shirt)

Father: Hey Champ! Pack all your bags, We go on a little trip to Disneyland

Child: Is mom coming?


Alternative Ending 2:

Police officer 1: Freeze!

Dad: Freeze?! When I drop a fairy?! You know I am only getting started, motherfu--

Police officer 1: Hey, sir, put down the weapon! Put down the wea-- [The dad starts shooting until the police arrest him]

Police officer 1: Stay down!

Police officer 2: On the ground!

Police officer 1: Stay right down!

Police officer 2: Spread your legs.

Police officer 1: Don't move.

Police officer 2: Put your hands behind your back, sir.

(The dad is taken away in a police car, leaving the child alone in the house. A band, an award presenter, hula dancer, the dad and the Tooth Fairy enter the child's room.

Award Presenter: Congratulations! This is the darkest sketch in the tv history

Award, Presenter, Hula Dance, Dad & Tooth Fairy: (singing) Darkest Sketch! Darkest Sketch! Darkest Sketch!

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