Annie: Leapin' lizards Molly! It sure is a hard knock life--

Molly (interrupting): Actually we're very lucky Annie.

Annie: Being an orphan sure don't feel lucky.

Molly: Then try being an orphan in the Phillipines where hundreds of thousands of orphans are forced into prostitution thanks to sex tourism. In Africa, AIDS has created millions of orphans who won't live to see puberty.

Annie: Well...I sure don't like that mean ol' Miss Hannigan--!

Molly: What don't you like exactly? 3 meals a day? A warm bed? Not being HIV positive? Not perfoming fellatio on foreign business men?

Annie: (silent, taken aback)

Molly: That's what you don't like?

Annie: Uhh...I think I'm gonna go sweep over there for a while Molly.

(Annie walks to her right to where Pepper is washing clothes in a bucket.)

Annie: Gee, Pepper! Miss Hannigan sure is mean!

Pepper: Yeah! I hate that bitch!

TIME JUMP: 6 months later

Daddy Warbucks: We sure had a grand adventure Annie! Your quick wits and spunky can-do spirit saved us all! Is there anything my limitless power and billions of dollars can do for you?

Molly's voice: Overseas orphans! Fellatio on foreign business men! HIV and AIDS!

Annie: Hmm...nope!

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