Narrator: The year is 1966 and Walt Disney is dead! (Scene cuts to Disney) The beloved cartoonist, moviemaker, and hero to the American Family, left specific instructions to be carried out opon his death.

Roy Disney: Okay, do it! (Scene cuts to the doctor decapitating Walt with a chainsaw.)

Man: Did he really said this should be done with a chainsaw?

Roy Disney: (Slaps man) Never question him!!!

Narrator: The public would never know what mad experiments took place under the Matterhorn that day! (Scene cuts through men finishing a robotic experiment)

Guard #1: Did it work? (Scene cuts to Walt Disney-Bot awaking)

Walt Disney: I HUNGER!!!

Guard #2: Bring in the first Cuban Child!!! (Scene cuts when scientists bringing the kid what will feed Disney)

Guard #1: Walt Disney must FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!

Walt Disney: Yes, Yes.

Cuban Child: (crying and scared) Ayúdame! Ayúdame! Ayúdame!

Walt Disney: YES!!!

Cuban Child: (screams)

(Scene cuts to outside mattel hole with Child Screaming in agony) (Scene in years later at Orlando, Florida)

Narrator: As the years went by, Disney's power would grow. He demanded a Disney park be built in Florida so he could be closer to his Cuban food supply. (Scene cuts to Disney walk by eating child)

Janitor: (In terror)

Walt's Secretary: Sir, I need your aproval on these extention plans.

Walt Disney: BUSY, EATING!!!

Guard #1: (Walk toward Janitor in a threatening way) You didn't see anything, YOU GOT THAT!!!

Janitor: God help me! (Guard beats Janitor toward pelvis as he screams in pain)

(Scene cuts to Disney's living roon eating flesh)

Narrator: Walt Disney's lust for the flesh of Cuban children, was kept under control, until one fateful day....

Dick Hertz: The long journey of Elian Gonzalez has finally come to a close. After being taken by Federal Agents from his temporary home in Miami, Little Elian has been reunited with his family in Cuba.

(Walt Disney reacts, negatively)

Walt Disney: Elian?? ELIAN?? (Disney grows into a giant crushing his Secretary and Guard and destroying the park)


(Disney rushes toward Cuba)
(Cuban Soldiers are alerted)
(Disney destroys soldier flying war planes)
(Cuban People screaming in terror)

Giagantic Walt Dianey: ELIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!! (Disney shoots lasers on Cuban homes as Elian Gonzalez walks toward Disney)

Elian Gonzalez: Here I am.

Giagantic Walt Disney: Elian?

Elian Gonzalez: If it will stop devastation on my beloved Cuban people, I will sacrifice myself to you.

(Disney walks to take Gonzalez, as Fidel Castro pushes Gonzalez aside)

Fidel Castro: Die American beast!!! (Shoots Walt Disney in forehead and he dies)

(Cuban people cheer)

Elian Gonzalez: We must always remember, the sacrifices made today by the brave Cuban soldiers, who's deaths will not be known outside Cuba, thanks to the American embargo.

(Castro "annoyed" shoots Gonzalez)

Fidel Castro: I love doing that.


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