Batman: I've followed you to this hot chocolate factory, Two-Face, and this time, I'm bringing you down.

Two-Face pulls out a gun.

Two-Face: Not so fast, Batman! Your fate lies in a flip of this coin. Heads, you live. Tails, you die!

Two-Face flips coin; it comes up tails.

Two-face: Huh, death!

Batman lunges at Two-face accidentally pressing his face against the burning hot chocolate mixer.

Two-face: AAAAHHHHH!!!

Batman visits Harvey at the hospital.

Batman: I'm sorry, Harvey.

Two-face: Don't call me Harvey, call me by my new name.

Two face turns to reveal a second burn mark over half of his already burned face.

Two-face: Three-face!

Three-face pulls out a three sided die.

Three-face: This is my three sided die, one you live, two you die, three we drink hot chocolate together.

Three-face rolls his three sided die, it comes up a two.

Three-face: Huh, looks like you're gonna three sided DIE!

Three-face lunges at Batman, he slips trying to get out of bed.

Batman: Watch out for that bleach!

Three-face falls face first into a tray with various liquids on it, a bottle of bleach shatters and hits him and the bleach gets on his face.

Three-face: AAAAHHHHH!!!

Batman meets Three-face on top of a roof.

Batman: Three-face, I'm really sorry about the hospital.

Three-face: Call me by my real name.

Three-face turns around to reveal a fourth burn on the good half of his face.

Three-face: Four-face!

Four-face pulls out four straws.

Four-face: I'm holding four straws in my hand, if you choose the shortest one you die! If you choose the longest one you live! the other two will determine whether I throw bleach on your costume or we drink hot chocolate together.

Batman: Alright Four-face, I'll play your game!

Batman hesitates on his first try and picks a straw on his second.

Cut to a diner where Four-face and Batman are enjoying a rather pleasent meal, Four-face is enjoying a steaming cup of hot chocolate and Batman is sampling the diner's soup.

Four-face: Oh, OH! This is really good hot chocolate!

Batman: (Sighs) The soup's not bad either.

Four-face: Oh yeah, could I try some?

Four-face grabs for Batman's soup.

Batman tries to stop him from taking it, fearing that the soup is too hot for Four-face.

Batman: WAIT, HARVEY, NO!!

The soup splashes against Four-face's face burning him on contact.

Four-face: AAAAHHHHH!!!

The end.

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