(An elephant wearing a slacker's outfit and a gold chain is wandering around a city's garbage-littered streets.)

Narrator: One day in the Concrete Jungle of Nool, an elephant named Morton played hooky from school.

(Morton sits down on a building's stoop)

Narrator: He was chillin' on the stoop, just peacin' on the block...

(A tiny object lands on his trunk.)

Narrator: ...When onto his trunk landed a tiny crack rock. He thought...

Morton: I could sell this, make five or six bucks!

Narrator: But then he heard a tiny voice that hollered...

Voices: What, what!

(Morton bends down close to the rock and listens.)

Narrator: Morton listened closely, and held very still. He could hear tiny voices in the town of What-Whatville.

(The camera zooms in on the rock. A tiny city is seen. Strange creatures parodying the Whos from Dr. Seuss' book "Horton Hears a Who!" are seen on a dance floor. A DJ is in the background.)

Narrator: They were having a party, with a DJ in the cut, and everybody was yelling...

What-Whats: What, what!

(The screen cuts back to Morton.)

Narrator: Morton had a new purpose, he had a new drive: to hide the rock and keep the party alive.

(Morton decides to conceal the rock from sight. He walks to the right, and confronts a drugged-up kangaroo with blackened eyelids.)

Narrator: He walked down the street, and out of the blue, he came face to face with Crackhead Kangaroo. She was shaking and twitching, her eyelids were black. She said...

Crackhead Kangaroo: (stammering) M-M-M-M-Morton, I'll s-s-suck your c-c-c-C*CK for that crack!

(A strange look crosses Morton's face as he looks at the rock. He walks behind a dumpster with Crackhead Kangaroo, and unzips his pants as Crackhead Kangaroo bends over)

Narrator: Well, sometimes an elephant just has to nut. So that was the end of the world of...

What-Whats: What, what!

(The What-Whats and their world are set ablaze when the rock is lit up with a match lighter; they begin to scream in agony; cut to static.)