(Red theater curtains are visible.)

Announcer: The next hot game show has just been imported from Japan.

(Emcee appears in the center of the screen, flanked on each side by two women in geisha costumes.)

Emcee: You want million dollar?!

(Cut to two toy dragons with uncut dollar bills coming out of their mouth. The emcee appears in the foreground.)

Emcee: You win crazy smile face million dollar!!

(Cut to scene of three men wearing nothing but diapers sitting around a table eating. The camera zooms in on one of the men, who is eating a banana.)

Emcee: First you eat.

(Cut back out to all three men. The emcee comes out in front and turns around to scream at the men.)

Emcee: Food is power. The power!!!

(Cut to the stage, where two men, straining, are standing in the middle of a ring of moving toilets.)

Emcee: (thoughtfully) Who poop last?

Emcee: You win one million Mr. Mighty Joe dollar when you poop last!

Emcee: Who poop last? Mao! Mao! (emcee slaps one of the men on the face)

(Cut to closed curtains. The words 'Who Poop Last' are visible on the screen in a stereotypically Asian font, shaking violently.)

Emcee: (offscreen) Who poop last?!

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