Kevin: Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish, I wish tonight. I wish-- (turning into a robot) Holy crap! I got to tell Oscar. Oscar, Oscar, Oscar.
Oscar: Agghhhhh!!
Kevin: Hey Oscar, it's me, Kevin.
Oscar: Oh, what happened?
Kevin: I made a wish on that star.
Oscar: (turning into a dinosaur) Dude, we've got to tell Jimmy.
Jimmy: (turned into a huge turtle) Dudes, we've got to tell Louis.
Kevin: Louis, hey, hey, Louis!
Louis: (gasps)
Kevin: Make a wish. It'll come true.
(Louis wishes he were a huge squid)
Jimmy: A giant squid? You idiot, we're not even near water.
Louis: Oh crap! Sorry guys! (is put on Ocsar's head) Let's go tell Timmy!
(cut to Timmy's house)
Oscar: Timmy! Hey Timmy! (to Kevin) Use your laser cannon to wake him up.
Kevin: I have a laser cannon?
Oscar: All giant robots have laser cannons. Duh!
(Kevin uses a laser cannon and blasts Timmy's house)
Kevin: Holy crap! I have a laser cannon! 
Jimmy: Timmy, Timmy! Make a wish and it'll come true!

(Timmy wishes he were a girl)

Everyone: Timmy?!?
Timmy: Hey, let's go get Zach!
(cut to Zach's house. Everyone is calling for Zach to wake up as Zach looks out his window.)
Kevin: Zach! Make a wish and it'll come true!

(Zach wishes they'd die, and they do)

Zach: Fucking jerks. It's three in the morning.

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