Buzz Lightyear: Well, we made it back after our wildest mission yet.

Woody: We're Andy's toys forever and always!

[Clears throat, the toys encounter duplicates of themselves]

Woody: W-where did you guys come from?

Replacement Woody: eBay. Andy ordered us when he couldn't find you.

Woody: But we're irreplaceable in Andy's heart!

Replacement Buzz Lightyear: Andy spent exactly $32. 44 to replace all of you, and his heart seems fine.

[Footsteps approaching, the toys freeze and Andy enters the room]

Andy Davis: What the- How did this happen? Aw, now I have doubles of everything! Well, might as well keep the new ones and sell the crappier ones on eBay.

Buzz Lightyear: What?!

Andy Davis: I've never heard the voice chip say that before.

Buzz Lightyear: Yeah, I'm a rare variant. Fuck you, traitor!

Andy Davis: [laughs] Oh, that's great! [keyboard clacking] Wow! $800!

Buzz Lightyear: Fuck you!