{In space, several enemy ships are firing on space station. Back at Voltron headquarters, Commander Keith Kogane watches the attack on a viewscreen. The captain of the damaged station appears on the screen.}

CAPTAIN: We need Voltron!

KEITH: Right away! Voltron force, assemble!

VOLTRON FORCE: (shown in split-screen) Voltron!

{The Black Lion flies out of the fortress. The Red Lion flies out of a volcano. The Green Lion flies out of a tree. The Yellow Lion flies out of a cave. Cut to a bachelor party, where four young men are standing around a large cake, cheering.}

MEN: Yeah, shake it baby!

{The Blue Lion blasts out of the cake. The men cheer and holler.}

{As the Voltron lions approach, the enemy ships disengage and retreat.}

ALLURA: Keith, the enemy ships are falling back.

{As the ships fall back, a huge coffin-shaped vessel zooms into view.}

KEITH: Heads up, team!

{A Robeast bursts out of the coffin, beats his chest and flies towards the station.}

KEITH: Better form Voltron.

VOLTRON FORCE: (shown in split-screen) Right!

{Black Lion forms the head and body. Red Lion forms the left arm, and Yellow Lion the right leg. However, Green Lion is trying to mate with Blue Lion.}

ALLURA: Pidge, get off!

{Voltron forms and lands on the space station. The Robeast appears to be holding a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher.}

PIDGE: He's holding a weapon!

{The Robeast puts the "weapon" down, closes the tape drawer and presses play. The song Work It Out On The Floor booms out of the speakers.}

VOLTRON FORCE: (shown in split-screen) Huh?

{The Robeast commences dancing, pulling off some spectacular breakdancing moves.}

KEITH: We just got served, team.

VOLTRON FORCE: (shown in split-screen) Voltron, represent!

{Voltron shrugs, and dances in an even more spectacular fashion. Voltron and the robeast continue to trade moves and diss each other's dancing. The Robeast laughs, and continues to dance.}

KEITH: We're out of moves! Time for a desperation measure, team.

{Voltron makes some really lame dance moves. The music cuts off, and the Robeast shakes his head in pity. The enemy spaceships gather around Voltron.}

SPACESHIPS: Served! Served! Served! Served! Served! Served! Served! Served!

{As the Robeast roars with laughter, Voltron leaps into the air and forms his Blazing Sword. He slices the Robeast in half.}

PIDGE: Hey, who's laughing now, bee-yatch? Huh? Huh?!

{Back at the fortress, the team are watching the news, which is showing Voltron's lame dancing.}

NEWSREADER: ...and in other news tonight, Voltron got totally served.

{A Space Mouse turns to the team with his hands on his hips.}

SPACE MOUSE: Daaaaamn!

{The team all laugh.}

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