Mother: Here comes the Yum-Yum train! Right into the station.

[Baby refuses to eat the food.]

Mother: Toot-toot! Yum-Yum Express coming through! Toot-toot! Next stop, Tummyland!

[Baby still won't eat.]

Mother: Oh no! The bridge is closed! Full reverse engines, slam on the brakes! Come on, women and children first. Oh, dear God, it looks like the tracks are coming to an end! CRASH! Everyone on board lurchs forward! The impact throws people through windows! Arms hanging from the luggage rack, children's faces trampled in panic! The guy in the bathroom breaks his neck and passes out in his own filth. IT'S CARNAGE! BLOODY F**KNG CARNAGE! People demand to know why, WHY would God allow something like this to happen!? OH, THE HUMANITY!

[Baby starts crying and the mother places the sppon with the food in his mouth.]

Mother: Toot-toot! Here comes the Yum-Yum train!

[Baby opens his mouth.]

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